Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Closing clinic...

While I am starting to count down the days until I go away I realize that it is very likely that I will have to close the clinic during my time away. Not only was I hoping for someone to work alongside me in the clinic since my former colleague left but I kept hoping and praying that a second person would also come to cover for me. But it's just me now adn in 9 days it's no one. 9 days to see as many kids as I can, pack my bags, pack up my whole room (since we are moving house), tie up loose ends and keep praying...

Although I am very excited about the opportunity to go to Thailand for a 10 day medical conference, followed by 4 weeks holiday (in the USA and Holland), I am torn. It's heart breaking to think that closing the clinic for that period of time means that hundreds of children will not get the medical help they desperately need. In a 6 week period, over 1000 consultations will not get done. Terrible thought. A thought that can make me feel somewhat guilty. Last year I postponed my holiday, knowing that someone could cover me a few months later, however, this year, there is no one lined up. And really, going to this medical conference (for continuing medical education) is also very important to me. So, I will go, but with a bit of a heavy heart. It will be the first time that I have had to close the clinic (other than for 1-2 weeks over Christmas) since the day we opened in May of 2005.

I still have a little bit of hope that maybe somehow someone from somewhere will be able to come to keep the clinic up and running. Not for me, but for the kids. For the many families in the Freetown clinic that come to the clinic for help. I keep telling myself God is in control. He knows...


Anonymous said...

We feel sad that no replacement doctor has been found so far. We are praying for you in this difficult dilemma. We are gladf you can go to the medical conference in Thailand and that you finally will meet your nephew.

Ken said...


I have a pediatrician friend who has done extensive work in developing nations. She said she might be able to help you for some of the time depending on what you need is. Can you give me dates and your e-mail address so I can give them to her.

She will also send out the word to a few of her other ped friends.


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