Sunday, January 03, 2010

$875 to go...


I am amazed. In less than a month over $4000 has been raised through 'my' water campaign. Thanks to all of those who have donated so generously. Of course, I am hoping that between now and the end of the campaign (50 days from now) we will have raised the entire sum of $5000 so that a community will be provided with a well.

Imagine children being able to attend school because they no longer have to walk for hours to collect water. Imagine less children dying of water-borne diseases, that are so preventable simply with clean water. Imagine women being able to take part in income generating activities rather than searching for water. Imagine the difference a water source in the village will make for a community. Let's give a community a reason to celebrate in 2010. Let's work together to make a difference! Give life by giving water.

It's not too late to join in. See my campaign page and donate directly towards my campaign at:
For those in Holland, contact me if you would like to donate through a dutch account.

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