Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cannot stop thinking...

I cannot stop thinking about Haiti. I cannot push the images out of my mind. As I get ready to go to sleep I think about the thousands of people suffering in Haiti. The wounded; those in hospitals and clinics and those who have not yet received any help. I think about the mothers and fathers who have lost their children. The women and men who have lost their spouses. The children who have lost their parents. I hear the number of orphans has tripled. Who will take them in? What is their fate? I think of the uncertainty many people still have regarding the whereabouts of their loved ones. The fear of the unknown, the fear that they might be gone, forever. I think about the aid workers digging through the rubble. The medics as they tend to patients with so few resources at hand. The missionaries who were serving in Haiti, now needing to leave behind their homes, their friends, a piece of their heart. I cannot stop thinking. They are all heroes, survivors and fighters. My heart is torn as I sit here in a house, a roof over my head, with electricity, food and running water. Not being able to physically help. Being so far removed. Torn between scrambling to the other side of the globe to lend a hand and waiting until I know the time, if ever, is right. It is hard to simply watch. Tonight I pray for the people in Haiti. As I lay down in my bed I will think of all of those people in Haiti sleeping outside under the stars, fortunate to be alive yet unfortunate to have been present. Praying.

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