Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ruins in town...

About 10 days ago I was walking in Middelburg and noticed a building in ruins. I thought it was a bit odd. All I saw was a huge mass of bricks. However, the buildings to the right and left were still standing. This was simply one building that was being torn down to be re-built again. But it looked like a huge pile of rubble when I passed. Immediately my thoughts went to Haiti. A city now in ruins. As I stood looking at this building, I was trying to imagine what Middelburg would look like if ALL the buildings were in ruins. I couldn't picture it. And then the thought that along with all of the ruins, so many lives would be lost and so many more would be injured. I wanted to stop thinking.

Yesterday I biked by the same area and noticed that now the lot was totally empty. No more ruins. No more rubble. Cleaned up. Just like that. Ready for the building to be re-built. It made me wonder what will happen in Haiti. How on earth will all of those ruins get cleared out? How will they get rid of all of the rubble? How long will it take? When can someone (who?) start re-building? So many questions. Too many to be asking right now. For the people of Haiti, these must be questions they ask everyday. What will happen to our nation? How will I find a new home? Where will my children go to school? Where will I find my next meal?

Pray for the people of Haiti.

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