Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going to Haiti...

Some of you may know that since the earthquake struck Haiti I have been looking into ways to go and help. I cannot believe the devastation this earthquake has brought and my heart goes out to the people (especially the children/orphans) in Haiti who are suffering physically, emotionally and spiritually. I find it hard to sit back and watch, when I have the spare time and can go and be of help. I contacted various organizations but most wanted surgical/anesthesia staff (understandable). I then heard (around the 22nd) that YWAM Tyler is sending in ‘Mercy Works’ medical teams every Monday and contacted them. I felt strongly I was to go and so I contacted them to see if I could join their teams. A few days later I heard it would be possible.

Yesterday I called the YWAM base and I am indeed on a confirmed list to travel to Haiti on Monday February 8th and I will be staying for 3 weeks. There will be a team of 20 of us traveling together. Yay for teams. I'll be in Texas a few days in advance, to get over my jet lag from my Europe-USA stretch.

I am sure I will be hugely challenged under the circumstances we will be living and working in (very basic) but do feel called to go and help so believe God will give me strength and enable me to do more than I can imagine (or more than I maybe remember from surgery during med school!). I am also hoping to be able to do some primary care and to be able to love on the children!

I am amazed at this opportunity to go and thankful that God has enabled it to happen. I am excited but also somewhat nervous. I cannot imagine the destruction I will see there. But also know that God will go with me. And He is already there, in the midst of it.

Could you please remember to pray for me? Here are some points to keep in mind:
~ safety – with the aftershocks as well as potential violence
~ strength – during long working days, heat, medical challenges
~ wisdom - in patient care
~ health – for us as a team
~ provision – water, food, medical supplies
~ team leaders - I don't know who they are but pray for wisdom, patience and guidance
~ witness – that we can also meet the emotional/spiritual needs of the people we meet

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