Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unique ways to support...

I consider it a privilege to be able to volunteer with a charity. I am thankful that housing and transportation are covered by the organisation and that friends are willing to support me to meet some of the other needs. What I have realized more and more is that support goes far beyond the financial scope. One of the best ways I am supported is through people who pray for me. I greatly appreciate the number of people that do this. It was an encouragement a few weeks ago when a lady from my home church told me she still prays for me everyday. Amazing! 

And what I really like is the unique ways that some people support volunteers, without maybe even realizing it. The fact that I have been able to stay with family friends for the past 5 weeks has been incredible. And today I needed to get a vaccination and I was only charged for the cost of the vaccination, and not the services. I was told that it was the doctor's way of supporting the work I am doing. Others I know get all of their dental work for free. 

So there you go, supporting those 'on the mission field' is not just about money, it's about prayer, encouragement and finding your unique way of helping out. 

Thanks to everyone that makes the work I do/life I live in Sierra Leone possible!

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