Monday, October 08, 2012

Back to work, the highs...

Can I just start by saying that despite the many challenges at the hospital, I love my job? Maybe it’s easy to say that since I just returned after being away for 6 weeks! I was basically in the office the entire day but it was good. Even with the very slow Internet I still managed to get a lot done. What I liked most about today is realizing again how diverse my work is and knowing/believing that between now and 6 months we will see a lot of positive change at the hospital. I’m convinced of that! Just to give you a glimpse of my job as it stands now, I’ll throw out some of the activities that I’m involved with. Bear in mind that some of this is leading up to activities that will take place early 2013.

Delivering Emergency Training to nurses
Co-organizing our first Paediatric Symposium
Improving laboratory systems and practice
Setting up a new x-ray department
Chasing auditors for the completion of an audit
Arranging a trip to Guinea with patients
Communicating with our residents in the sub-region
Database queries and hospital data compilation
Representing Welbodi at a conference in Accra
Immigration and medical registration logistics for colleagues
Planning the official hospital accreditation visit
Paying bills for the Welbodi flats

In summary, there is a lot to be excited about. This hospital has a lot of potential and I am determined to help bring some positive changes over the next 6 months. Yes, I know, I am back on the Salone roller coaster and the lows are inevitable but when those lows come I hope to remember that there are many highs as well. I am convinced that we will move things forward. Watch this space!

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