Sunday, October 07, 2012

Life after exams...

My living room table is still covered with exam materials. Now and then I am tempted to look at them and see if some of the questions I answered were right or wrong, but then I tell myself not to, don’t go near the books, no more studying right now. It’s strange to go from pretty much non-stop studying for 2 months to no studying at all! I have to say Friday night I was tempted to pick up my Embryology book (which I didn’t have time to read), but I didn’t. Instead, I picked up a magazine and read about cakes and fashion. Very mindless to say the least!

And so I had a lovely weekend to get settled into normal life! What’s normal? I was trying to think of what I usually did with my time off! I guess I was often out with friends. Ah, friends. I can start socializing again! The weather on Saturday was nice and so I did meet up with some friends for lunch, then attended an Enable the Children Board Meeting and then met up with another friend for dinner. Good times. Today I stayed at home all day and cleaned my room – lots of sorting, re-organizing and cleaning, which was much needed after being away for 6 weeks! Unfortunately some shoes and clothes are moldy due to the humidity and heat but for the most part, everything was fine. This evening we had international church which gave me the opportunity to catch up with more friends.

Tomorrow, it’s back to the hospital and I’ll be going with mixed emotions. It’s a place with so much potential but it is so challenging to work there. I am prepared to go with joy, patience and compassion and hopefully that will see me through tomorrow and the rest of the week. I have to say, I will be spending a lot of time planning the x-ray department startup as well as laboratory improvements and preparing for next weeks’ Emergency Training with the nursing staff. Plenty to keep me busy!

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