Monday, November 26, 2007

A bit sad...

Okay, so, I have been a little down today. I think the reality of saying goodbye to friends has hit me once again. Some good friends are leaving this week, and over the next two months more will be leaving. I have gotten a little tired of saying goodbye; over and over and over again. I’m sad. I think that's the hardest about being here long term.

So, it’s only fitting to post something about the Anastasis- my long lost home. A friend posted these links – about the Anastasis in Alang. It was interesting to read the history of the ship and to see all of the pictures; so many familiar shots. But it also made me a little sad.

Click on the following links:

Anastasis in Alang Part One & Anastasis in Alang Part Two

The photographer that wrote the blog entry writes the following- “In the distant reaches of Alang, there was another group of ships, including a chemical tanker, a couple of "regular" tankers, and the most exquisite of them all, the sculpted, sleek ANASTASIS. Seeing such a beautiful creation and knowing that it will soon vanish forever stirs up a strange elixir of emotions. Here was this magnificent and proud ship completely exposed in the most natural of settings. For a ship about to be demolished, the ANASTASIS was in fine cosmetic condition. Ironically, she looked better at Alang than she did at Los Angeles two decades prior. I was so thrilled to be able to wander her decks one final time and take all the views I needed. It is such a shame that she could not be preserved but the cold reality is that ship preservation only happens once in a very, very blue moon. At least she will live on in memories and images.”

Yes, her legacy will live on…

(click here for previous blog post about Anastasis)


Anonymous said...

Just know we are here for you.
Love alsways ...
Don't you just hate saying goodbye - for that alone I am looking forward and thankful for "Heaven" where goodbyes will be no more
Love mama

Colleen said...

wish i were there to say "hello" to you! i think of you often.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~