Saturday, November 17, 2007

Inauguration news...

"We must all be ready now to embrace change. Change in our attitude towards one another, change in our attitude to our work and responsibilities and change in our attitude towards our nation."

This one of the statements President Koroma made during his inauguration speech which was attended by over 30,000 people. He called for a radical change from the way his country and its people have been used to doing things, inspite of the tremendous strides the country has made. All of these changes, President Koroma said, should translate positively into progress and development for the country. The President stated that his government will remain committed to maintaining good relations with all international friends & organizations and that they will remain actively engaged with brothers and sisters in the West African sub-region. He also reiterated his pledge to prioritize the provision of electricity not only for the capital city, Freetown, but for all provincial headquarter towns. He also said his government will exercise zero tolerance towards corruption, after which there were loud cheers coming from the stadium. It sounds like it was a successful ceremony. Now we wait to see how the government procedes and how the people respond.

"Corruption is not only a matter for the leaders and heads of government institutions, it is equally a matter for everybody... unless we change our attitude, we shall never be able to create the prosperous country that we dream about." (President Koroma)

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