Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bucket showers...

In my last post, I mentioned having to take a bucket shower.
To some this may sound strange.
But for most people in Sierra Leone, this is daily routine.

I do have a regular shower; however, it doesn’t always work.
Sometimes the water tanks that lead to my shower are empty,
So I have to go looking elsewhere for water.

No problem; a bucket shower is a great alternative.
To be honest, it’s not all that bad.
You get wet, you get clean. Whatever works right?

For the children, I’d say it’s much more fun!
It’s more of a bucket bath at times than a shower.
(I do miss baths!)

We often see little kids taking bucket showers outside of their houses.
I think they look the cutest when they’re covered with soap suds.
Doesn’t this little guy look like he’s having fun?


Ayo said...

This shot is priceless! Thank you.

jacqueline said...

hey san, leuk om allemaal te lezen en de foto's zijn echt heel mooi!! LIefs Jac

J Gotti said...

Thanks for the beautiful pictures and great work. I travelled to Salone last year and your comments on the bucket shower are true. They are great, especially after a hot day!

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