Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Security at the Teamhouse...

It's 6:10 am.
Why am I in the living room and on the computer already?
Oh yeah, a phone call at 5:15 am woke me up!!
My father called from his residence.
He was called by our security company asking if our house's security alarm had gone off.
So he wanted to check with me, at the other house.

Some background info:
We have guards on our compound provided by an official security company.
With that comes a panic alarm system.
We each have an alarm button in our room.
If something happens we push the button and an armed response team arrives.
Unfortunately the alarm sounds like a faint car alarm in the distance!

I told my father I had not heard the alarm.
But I also did not feel like going out to the guards to check, on my own, in the dark, just in case something was wrong.
I waited.
But I heard loud voices.
I decided to be brave.
After calling my father to tell him I was on the move I left my room with flashlight, cell phone & panic button in hand.

First thing I saw was red & blue lights flashing outside of the gate.
I peaked around the side of the house and saw a man with a red army cap on.
He didn't look familiar.
All of a sudden I didn't feel so brave anymore.
Change of plans.
I went around to the back of the house and went in through the back door.

That's when the alarm came on again; time to wake up one of the guys!
We opened the front door and were met by 5 men- all from the security company.
They said there is a fault in our security system and the alarm was randomly going off.
For the last hour!!!
The armed response team and everything showed up (hence the flashing lights)
Hmmm...some alarm if none of us woke up.
And too bad the guards didn't alert us!

So, all this to say, all is well at the team house and it's been an adventurous morning!
The security system will be up and running again by this evening...

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