Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another day in Africa...

My plan for today was to sleep in and go to the beach.
Sounded like a great plan for a Saturday in Salone.
Well, of course, in Africa things always go differently than planned.
First of all, I was woken up by pounding on my neighbors window.
The guard was looking for my other neighbor (in charge of maintenance).
So, my one neighbor was yelling at the guard saying he had to go next door, to my other neighbor.
Next thing I hear is the doorbell ringing next door.
And my other neighbor talking to the guard.
It seemed there was a problem with our generator.
A pipe burst and gas was leaking.
I later learned that 50 gallons of fuel spilled out! Oops.
It was 6am, so much for sleeping in.
After maybe an hour of dozing I woke up again.
And decided I may as well get up and get breakfast.
While eating my breakfast I got a phone call; from work.
The ward supervisor was trying to reach our lab tech (who reports to me).
I told her I would try to find him.
Fortunately I managed to get ahold of him and he was able to make it to the center.
There was a patient that needed some 'urgent' blood work done.
So if he couldn't go in, I would have gone (and done the limitted tests I can do).
Another phone call with the ward supervisor, a couple more with the lab tech and a couple of calls with the surgeon later, and I was enjoying my breakfast again.
However, before I knew it, it was almost time to get going.
So I was then rushing around trying to get my stuff together for the beach!
But in the end I got off okay and the beach was lovely.
Mind you, we did have a couple of downpours, but we were wet from the sea anyway.
It was an enjoyable day in Salone after all.
(Fortunately our gas leak also got fixed and we can use the generator again)

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