Sunday, June 08, 2008

Something went wrong...

Unfortunately I am not sure what happened to the little boy I referred earlier this week.
The one that I had come back for review, who looked worse.
Supposedly he was seen at the referral hospital.
But sent away again.
Diagnosis: hunger???
Very unclear.
I know he was malnourished, but he was also acutely ill.
Something obviously went wrong.
At least he was asked to come back the following day.
But when I called later that afternoon, he still hadn't shown up.
What happened?
Probably the mother felt rejected and went elsewhere for help.
Or stayed at home.
To wait and see what happens.
Until it is too late perhaps.
Or maybe the child passed away that night.
I watched the movie Enchanted yesterday.
Lots of talk about happy endings, happily ever after, forever and ever.
Unfortunately many stories here do not have happy endings.
This story, for now, has no ending.

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