Monday, June 02, 2008

Good day or bad...

What was the day like?
Was it a good day or a bad day?
Let’s see…

Good because there was no death in the clinic, unlike last Monday
Bad because I worked from 8am till 715pm
Good that by the end of the day we were able to help 65 children
Bad that the first patient I saw really didn’t look very good
Good because fortunately there was a bed for her at the NGO referral hospital
Bad when I had 5 more kids that didn’t look so great which in the West would be admitted
Good that a number of kids didn’t look so bad
Bad that I never took my lunch break
Good that I knew dinner would be ready when I got home

Really, overall, I would say it was a long but good day. I just hope that the ones I saw today that are supposed to come back tomorrow for review start getting better quickly! Otherwise there's going to be a lot of referrals to the government hospital tomorrow! But now it's time for a raspberry hot chocolate to end the day on a good note!

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