Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Another long day.
But no problem, I really don't mind the long days.
What I was hoping (praying!) for today was that all of my reviews would show up.
I had scheduled 5 children for follow-up.
1 I've been seeing for the past two weeks for wound care.
The other 4 were children I had seen for the first time yesterday.
They weren't looking great so I wanted to see them again today.
Thank God all 5 of them showed up!

A 9 year old with a post-op wound infection.
Finally, after 2 weeks the wound has closed nicely.

A 6 month old with a respiratory tract infection.
Breathing less fast, feeding well and looking a bit better.
Another intramuscular injection given and told to continue antibiotics and she should be fine.

A 3 year old treated for malaria last week but having fever again since the weekend.
He's being treated for typhoid now and looks a little better too.

A 5 month old with diarrhea and vomiting yesterday and not feeding well.
Fortunately he looks much better today, the symptoms stopped and he is feeding.

A pale and undernourished 1 year old with a bad urinary tract infection.
Unfortunately he was not doing better.
Although his mom said he was better, he looked miserable.
His white blood count shot up from 20,000 to 33,000 (= high to higher).
I was not impressed.
Unfortunately by this time it was after 6 pm.
Fortunately when I called the NGO hospital the coordinator said they had beds.
So I wrote the referral letter and chartered a taxi.
Off he went.
Now I need to continue praying that he will get better like the others!

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