Saturday, July 05, 2008

Sierra Leone's Local Council Elections...

July 5, 2008 - Wilberforce, Freetown, Sierra Leone

It is the morning of elections; so far, so good. No commotion to be heard. Mind you, I’m not expecting much of anything to happen; besides a lot of people going to the polling stations.

There wasn’t near as much publicity for these elections (in my opinion) as for the Presidential elections, however, some people do feel very strongly about them. So the necessary warnings/precautions are always given.

Earlier this week there were a number of party demonstrations in town and even some in Aberdeen, passing by on the road outside the clinic. From my window I could see groups of people wearing green and white or red and white, marching, making lots of noise, dancing, etc. It all sounded rather upbeat and joyous and drew out the patients in the waiting room to watch what looked like a parade!

The local elections are held in Sierra Leone for the first time since the Sierra Leonean Civil War and word has it that following this election, the United Nations political mission UNIOSIL will withdraw.

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