Monday, February 02, 2009

Half in, half out...

It's another Monday.
A clinic day.
With many children waiting outside the gate.
It's still only me in the clinic.
So, 35 children will be allowed in.
Meaning the rest will be left outside.
Unfortunately today there were about 70 kids outside.
This meant that after letting 35 in, I was sending about the same amount away.
Not a very great start to the day.
How do you explain to the mom's and dad's that they need to go somewhere else.
Somewhere else in a place with such a poor health care system.
The decent places are either too full or too expensive.
The affordable places are often not very good- handing out meds, giving injections, etc.
My guess is, a lot of these kids will end up outside my gate again tomorrow.
Hopefully the 'sick sick' ones will have gone to a decent facility.

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jody said...

OK, I'm a regular blog reader. We have adopted twins from Sierra Leone. And have developed a friendship with the Word Made Flesh team there--Cami, Faye, and Erin.
And so I come here and read. And each time my stomach hurts. I want to help somehow. And each time I justify my way out of sending a comment.
But I'm not going to do it this time.
How can we support you?
Is there a way to take on one of these families who cannot afford treatment for their kids?
I understand the issues are complicated as far as building sustainable impact. And I figure you know best.
So you just tell me. Is there a way we can help? I could perhaps raise enough money for a particular piece of medical equipment you need? Or adopt a family to support through treatment?
Or perhaps those are not possibilities.
You just never know until you ask.

Send me an email sometime--jodylanders @ gmail .com

Thank you for the tireless work you do.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~