Tuesday, July 07, 2009

2 patients only...

What? I only saw 2 patients today? On a clinic day? What's going on?

Well, I had decided before coming down to the office, that I should really use today to get administrative work done. I knew if I sat in my office I would be distracted and tempted to see kids anyway so thought I should sit in the admin office. However, when I got to work and went out to see the line it made my decision harder. There were just too many children for 1 doctor out there. So it meant that either I had to see patients today and leave the admin, or do the admin and leave the children. Tough call. And I almost feel a little bad to tell you that I chose to stick with my original plan; admin. I have to stop seeing the kids at some point (although I will see some on Thursday and Tuesday) and REALLY have loads of admin to get done. After getting over my guilt during the first hour, I actually managed to get a lot done today. There's still a ways to go, but I'm plowing forward. It's not until you have to write down what you do everyday, that you realize how much it is you really do, and how natural it has all become!

In the end I did see 2 patients today- my two reviews from yesterday. Both were moderately ill yesterday with malaria and so I wanted to follow-up on them. Thankfully they were both doing better today. One is still fairly anemic and the other has some malnutrition but they are on the mend. At least I still got a few patients in today...


Bonnie said...


I have enjoyed reading your blogs. You are (IMHO) an awesome woman of God. Thanks for all you do for the little ones.


Anonymous said...

Amazing to have watched you over the last 4 plus year and how you have set up and developped this project. It has not been in vain and many have received hope and healing through your dedication and love for the little ones and their moms/famlies

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~