Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Race against the clock...

1 week to go.
And not counting.
Many people here count the days before they go on holiday.
I suppose since I am leaving for good, I'm not counting yet.
I'll miss this place.
All I keep thinking about is the enormous amount of work that still needs to get done.
Handover report.
Filing of documents.
Writing recommendation letters.
Midterm report to finalize.
June statistics to finish.
Case reports I want to write up.
A powerpoint to make.
Policies to revise.
A national doctor to train up.
A newsletter to write.
People to say bye to.
Teaching my new receptionist some computer skills.
Sunday school to prepare.
Small patient goodbye party to prepare for.
Bible Study desserts to bake.
Packing packing packing.
Lots of things to do that I can't get around to when seeing patients.
And seeing as I spend most of my time seeing patients, the list never ends.
I am hoping the time crawls by so that I can get everything done and finish well.
I feel like it's a race against time.
If only time would stand still and I'd keep running, just for one day...

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