Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Crazy Monday came and went.
As I arrived at the office I already heard it was noisy outside.
I went to the gate and told the moms to line up.
Which for some reason seems like a really difficult task for them.
I suppose everyone wants to make sure their child gets a ticket.
But really, all that yelling, screaming and pushing, is it really necessary?
Once again I had to threaten a little bit.
"If there is no single line in 5 minutes, there will be no clinic today."
It always works.
I go inside, and within 5 minutes the guard finds me to tell me they've lined up.
Unfortunately my next dilemma was the fact that there were 72 kids at the gate.
Oh bother.
Seeing as I was to spend a lot of the day training up a new doctor, we decided on 50.
50 children would be seen, and 22 sent away.
What can I say?
Still one of the worst parts of the job.
But, we did see the 50 kids and gave them the best treatment possible.
We actually saw 55, as there were some reviews as well.
All around a good day, despite the chaotic start.
And Praise God that I was able to do some clinical work with our new national doctor!!

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