Thursday, July 09, 2009

From 2 to 0...

No clinic for me today, I left my colleague to it.
I did go outside the gate to help sort out the patients.
And helped with the first one who was pretty anemic.
But other than that, no patients for me; how bizarre.
Fortunately I did not do admin all day either!
Although maybe I should have - so much to do still.
Instead I went out to Emergency Surgical Centre.
That is the hospital I've visited many times since 2005.
It is actually the NGO hospital I modelled 'my' outpatient clinic after.
And it is the hospital I most frequently refer the children to.
I have many fond memories there.
I think I spent every Friday there, working with the doctors, the first 6 months I was here.
The national doctors there helped me understand (to some extent) some of the cultural practices.
They helped me get the hang of treating some of the tropical diseases.
They were/are great!
Today however, I headed out to say goodbye.
It was fun to see people, hang out in medical OPD, visit the ward.
And I finally was able to see their supplementary feeding program up and running.
The program is every Thursday, but seeing as I usually have clinic, I've never seen it.
It was kind of fun to be able to do something different on a Thursday!
I then sat down and chatted with their medical coordinator for a bit.
It's always great to be able to share experiences and frustrations.
And be a part of the bigger NGO world.
It really is a unique experience and I find you quickly bond with others doing similar work.
Strange thought to not go back there again anytime soon.
After Emergency I made a quick trip into town to run some errands.
And then it was back to admin!!!

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