Monday, February 01, 2010

Desperate Haiti, desperate world...

Many issues. Desperate needs. Food. Water. Shelter. Medical Care. Homes. There is no easy solution. The rains are coming in a few months. What will be done about the shortage of tents? The world turned to Haiti instantly and started providing care. How long will it last? Who will provide follow-up surgical care a few months from now? The government says they are doing all they can. How much is true and how much is talk?

One issue now is child trafficking. Not a surprise as this was already a problem in Haiti. And with so many people dead or displaced it is on the rise. Children left to fend for themselves on the streets. Of course they will be eager if someone, anyone, offers help. Unfortunately, they are an easy target. Opinions vary greatly regarding international adoption. Individuals, organizations and governments do not see eye to eye. There is no easy solution.

And all the while I also know that so much help is being poured into the country. People are doing what they can. And even though I too will go to help, I realize there is also need elsewhere. All over the world there are desperate situations. I have seen it in Sierra Leone where so many treatments/procedures are not available. I think of the toll that malaria takes every single year. 4,500 children dying everyday due to water-borne disease. Girls and women being trafficked in Asia. Wars leading to displacement for so many in Africa. Haiti needs us. The world needs us. Do your part. Support. Give. Go. Pray. Raise awareness. Be a voice. Try to make a difference, anyway you can.

Here is an excerpt from a CNN article on the child trafficking situation and need for shelter. Click here to read more. “Haiti is trying to locate displaced children and register them so they can either be reunited with other family members or put up for adoption, Bellerive said. But, he said, illegal child trafficking is "one of the biggest problems that we have." Many groups appear to be legitimate, "but a lot of organizations -- they come and they say there were children on the streets. They're going to bring them to the [United] States," he said. Bellerive said he's trying to work with embassies in Port-au-Prince to protect Haiti's children from traffickers.” [photo taken from this article, Jonathan Torgovnik, reportage for CNN]

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