Monday, February 15, 2010

Prayer & fasting...

On Friday the 12th, the President of Haiti announced a 3 day prayer and fasting period all over Haiti. This was a historical event. When we went out to do a mobile clinic on Friday, we saw large groups of people all over the city, wearing white, singing and praying to God. It was amazing to witness. It was especially significant since it was to replace the ungodly Carnival that usually took place at this time. On Sunday, one of the nationals working with us shared some of his thoughts on Haiti and the earth quake. He said that God wanted to show Haiti who He is. He wants all the nations to know that He is God. He was sharing that apparently in the past many human sacrifices took place in the palace and other places in town- I have not seen this confirmed anywhere, but it sounded believable - and so it seemed significant that many of these buildings had collapsed. He also believed that Port-au-Prince is changing. Since P-au-P is the heart of Haiti, he believes that if P-au-P changes, the whole nation can/will change. Let's keep praying for Haiti.

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