Monday, February 08, 2010

Done packing...

Packing is finished.
I have a 14.5 kg bag with my personal items.
And a 22 kg suitcase with medical supplies.
Haiti here I come.
Unfortunately I was not able to buy huge amounts of medication/ORS.
Not yet.
Although I did buy some.
But as soon as I know what I need, I am contacting a pediatrician in Tyler.
And he is going to place an order for meds that will hopefully be sent out next week.
Please pray that this is possible!
I was hoping to bring more medication now but it is hard to procure when uncertain of the situation/needs.
Please pray for a safe journey for our team.
I think 5 of us fly out of Dallas and we will meet the rest of the team in the D.R.
Pray that all of our luggage arrives safely.
Pray for unity.
Pray for health.
Pray for guidance as we figure out who is doing what & working where.
Pray for wisdom as we work.
He is our strength.
It is His work and we are His people.
I'm ready to let Him use me.

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