Monday, February 01, 2010

My charity: water campaign...

I received a statement today from my church here in Holland, which is where Dutch people could send money to for my water project. I have added the amounts received in January to my campaign and am excited to tell you that the goal has been reached and exceeded.

$5325 donated. 266 people served.
This means that 266 will have a better life because they will have access to water. Children will be able to go to school. Women will be able to spend more time tending to other important matters. 266 lives will be changed. And many of these lives will be saved. Water is life.

Thank you for giving! The campaign is still officially open for 22 days but I may be closing it earlier, seeing as we now have raised the money for our well!

Did you know that in the last 3 weeks (the time the earthquake hit Haiti) that world-wide 94,500 children have died due to water-borne diseases. Deaths that could have so easily been prevented. As you can see, the need for clean water all around the world is huge.

Many thanks to those who donated towards my campaign. I could not have done this without you! I will keep you informed once I know where the well will be built, etc.


Marianne said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal. Running your race, giving us an inside of the need for clean drinking water in this world. Was great to be part of this.

Christina said...

Hi Sandra - Happy WWD 2011!

I hope you've seen the effect your campaign had by now:

Thank you for being one of the first fundraisers!

-- Christina from charity: water

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