Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I need to introduce you to 6 year old Francellot. A cute boy who broke both of his femurs during the earthquake. Praise God his parents are alive and taking good care of him here in the ward. But the poor little guy can't walk around. He is on his bed with external fixators in his upper legs.

Everyday we take him to the wound care room and clean his pins; a painful but very necessary process to make sure infection does not set in. In the first week he did some of the pin care himself, helping us out. But the last few days it has been more painful so he wants us to do it now. There are definitely times that he has brought tears to my eyes as I have been cleaning the pins. It is hard to see him suffer so much, crying out, asking us to wait a minute, etc. And then to think of all he has seen and experienced since the earth quake. I am praying for healing and that he does not get any infections. He is truly the bravest boy I have met. He tries his hardest not to cry and usually only does so towards the very end of the wound care process. We then bandage him up and write the date on his bandage and draw a few pictures- hearts, flowers, stars and smiley faces.
Today he wanted to write on the bandage himself, which he frequently does, and as he was writing, he started writing my name on his bandage- without me spelling it out! I have no clue how he knew except that yesterday I had a name tag on due to extra volunteers so I guess he saw that and remembered. He is so intelligent! Really, this child has taught me so much. Joy through suffering. He is such a positive child. And I absolutely love his name. Francellot... my little knight!

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