Sunday, May 25, 2008

Floating at Lakka...

To float = to rest on the surface, to drift on or through a fluid

At 915am on a Saturday morning I found myself in a car on my way to Lakka. It wasn't early, but seeing as it was a Saturday morning, it seemed early. A group of friends and I were planning to join the IMATT (international military advisory and training team - mostly British army) weekly hike. We would drive to Lakka, start our hike on the beach, head into the jungle, walk around the area, and end up on the beach. I thought if anything, maybe this walk would give me a little more energy. Well, the walk was very pleasant. And it was fun to meet a few new people. It did start raining really hard at one point which I didn't think added to the walk but never mind. We arrived back at the other end of the beach 3 hours later, drenched, but with energy. I was ready for an afternoon at the beach.

In the past we used to come to Lakka beach 'resort' all the time. But in the last year or two it has become somewhat run down. Never mind. Beach is beach. And they still had a choice of two things off of their 4 page menu! I never liked swimming at Lakka cause of the steep drop off, huge waves and current. But to my surprise it was lovely this time.

I spent a lot of time floating. It was lovely. What an amazing feeling really. Somehow it felt like it was easier to float at Lakka than other beaches. I know, sounds silly, must have just been me. Anyway, it was very relaxing. I was seriously 'resting on the water' and felt like I could fall asleep and I was convinced I'd remain afloat. The only problem was, I needed to pop my head up every now and then to make sure my friends weren't about to attack me! Of course the occassional wave added to the fun as well. All in all, I felt like I was on a different planet. I felt like I could float for hours. And just rest. You should try it. Speaking of floating, and resting, maybe it's time for bed...

PS: I don't think I looked as uncomfortable as Eeyore does in this picture.

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genae said...

i've never been able to float. i'm like a rock sinking to the bottom. i wonder what will happen now.... :)

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