Saturday, May 03, 2008

Jax the dog...

One morning I walked into the living room and saw a half-chewed up flip flop on the floor. Who could have done that? None other than Jax the puggle! (Stefan and Genae's dog) This was the first time I'd actually seen him eat something he wasn't supposed to, well, except for grass and wood. The next day, he came rushing in through the dog door with something in his mouth. He seemed excited. It looked like a golf ball, only larger. But as he spit it out onto my hand I saw a huge hole in the top. This was not a ball, but what was it? Liz, was sitting nearby, and realized what it was. Jax had managed to 'steal' and eat baby Harper's suction bulb!!! Crazy dog. Actually he's quite sweet, all be it a little smelly too. But he is a dog after all. So I guess this is all to be expected. I think Jax is happy about the move- he now has a backyard to play in!

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Anonymous said...

you should see the backyard...jax has dug a hundred holes...he is a real menace.

miss you,

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