Sunday, May 18, 2008

Words from a 6 year old...

Sunday school today was fun.
The kids have been learning about the essence of God.
We've taught 5 characteristics so far.
Justice. Righteousness. Eternal Life. Love. Sovereignty.
Since we've covered half of the teaching so far, we decided today was QUIZ day.
2 teams. Boys versus Girls.
Various questions. A memory verse puzzle.
Great fun.

After church there was an extra 'meeting' planned.
I was planning on going to the meeting.
But there were about 15-20 kids running around outside, a couple of which were under 5 years.
So I figured I'd best go back out and keep an eye on the kids.
Because by this time the older boys were way up in the mango trees.
And the little kids were wanting to join them.
So, it was time to teach them games like 'Duck duck goose'.
That was great fun too, although we were told we were making too much noise :)

Towards the end, a little girl wanted to play with me.
After swinging her around a couple of times she kind of clung to me.
She wanted to sing.
"Lord I lift Your name on high" was the song she chose.
And this little girl could practically sing the whole song in English.
I would sing the verse and she would do little echo's. So sweet.
She had such a big smile on her face.
It's really something I need to get on camera some time.

Then I asked if she had any brothers or sisters.
She pointed to a little girl and said that's her sister, she is 3.
Later I found out it's actually her cousin.
But here, cousins really are more like brothers and sisters.
Then she said she had one other sister.
But she died. She was 2.
I wasn't sure if I was hearing correctly.
Is this 6 year old girl telling me that her little sister died?

At first I wasn't sure if I was hearing her correctly.
Was a 6 year old girl telling me her sister died?
She was.
Open and honest. Telling it like it is. Down to earth.
Very sad.
I almost felt bad for asking about her siblings.
But that is how it is here. Many children die.
But this was the first time I had heard it from a child.

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