Monday, May 26, 2008


A question so frequently asked.
Especially when faced with death.
Today I am asking that question once again.
Due to the fact that a 1 year old passed away in the clinic today.
Unfortunately she came too late.
With an Hb of 2.3, glucose of 2.4 and a cardiac arrest we were up against a wall.
As much as we tried to resuscitate, the chance was small we would get her back.
We lost her.
Her parents lost her.

I don't find myself questioning God.
I do however find myself questioning the parents and the system.
Why do the parents come so late?
Why didn't the parents seek help at the NGO hospital or Children's hospital?
Why did the parents show up at an outpatient clinic with such a sick child?
Why are there so few places in Sierra Leone with decent pediatric care?
Why does the Children's hospital charge so much?
Why do pharmacies/private clinics do such a poor job (like still use chloroquine?!)
Why do so many innocent children keep dying?
Why did this little girl have to die?

Why? Why? Why?

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