Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Sunday Summary...

My weekend was quite busy. Saturday was spent at the hospital overseeing some of the work in the special care baby unit. The place needed to be fumigated, which was scheduled for 9 am and finally took place at 3 pm. I then donated blood, which was an adventure as usual. For the rest, I did a mixture of work and surfing the Internet. It was nice to be in a place with electricity for the day! The evening ended out with a steak dinner, to replenish my iron stores.

On Sunday I went to church. Although I was not on the schedule to teach, I did end up with the Sunday school kids because there were so many of them. I can’t say I minded. I also ended up seeing a sick child and referring him to a clinic.

After church I spent a few hours at home before hopping in a taxi to Aberdeen to meet up with Sarah for a run. We headed down to Lumley beach, and after catching up with friends who have just returned from their holiday we were off. Seeing as we’re just starting up, we didn’t run very far, but it was long enough for us. We continued walking until we reached the amputee football team playing a football match. Within seconds, an expatriate came up to us and before we knew it we were discussing laboratory services and medical care in Sierra Leone. Networking. Not what I would have expected to be doing on a Sunday afternoon, but it’s potentially a good contact to have. We then walked further down the beach before turning around to go back to the center. After a shower (with great water pressure) I left the center and went to meet another friend. On my way out, I ran into a mom who was waiting to register her child for the clinic the next morning. To make a long story short: the child needed to be admitted and so I sent the child to the Children’s Hospital for a blood transfusion. My friend ended up meeting me in Aberdeen and we walked the whole stretch of the beach to Lumley. I can definitely say I got my exercise for the day!

It was another good weekend come and gone. I can’t say I had the chance to rest much this weekend, but maybe I can make up for it during the week. Probably not!

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