Saturday, August 06, 2011

Holiday top 7…

Although Sierra Leone is pretty much home for me now, it's still nice to go 'home' - to the Netherlands/USA (read: where family is) - for a break. It is true that when I am in Sierra Leone I am pretty content and have learnt to deal with various issues in daily life. However, once I'm 'home' I must say there are things I love about being 'home'. Here's my top 7:

1. Family. Siblings, siblings-in-law, parents, nieces, nephew. Need I say more?

2. Electricity. All day and every day. I can actually charge my phone and laptop at anytime. And I’m not getting electrocuted!

3. Running water. Excellent showers without having to kneel due to poor water pressure or use a bucket due to no water at all and I can drink water straight from the tap.

4. Different fruits. Fruits in Salone are great, but I have really enjoyed fruits that we don’t have there such as strawberries, cherries, (orange) oranges, plums and blackberries.

5. Peaceful neighborhood. No barking dogs or house parties at night and I can walk around town without being hissed at, shouted ‘white man’ at, etc. I can walk in silence and no one will feel offended and sometimes that is just really nice.

6. Dairy. Delicious milk, yummy yoghurt, real cheese (as opposed to laughing cow) and ice cream.

7. Friends. I didn’t get to see very many of you due to my short visits, but have definitely enjoyed seeing some of you again. There’s nothing like getting together with friends after being away for months and picking up where you left off. I'm thankful for deep friendships!

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