Sunday, August 07, 2011

Top 7: Things I miss from Sierra Leone...

I have two full days left in Holland, then a day with travel to the UK and meeting up with my good friend Shona, and then a day of travel to Freetown. I will definitely enjoy my remaining time at home. However, I thought I'd let you know what it is I've missed about Freetown:

1. My bed. During my holiday I slept on airplane chairs, airport benches, air mattresses, beds, foam mats, garden chair cushions, etc. I will have slept in 7 different rooms. I have to say, there is nothing like my own bed. I am excited about sleeping in it on Wednesday, mosquito net and all.

2. Krio. 'Ow de bodi?' 'A de manage.' 'Ow yu sleep?' 'Tenki.' There’s nothing like speaking with everyone in Krio. From chatting to people on the street in the morning when I’m on my way to work, to colleagues at the hospital, to taxi drivers in town, to street vendors. Love it. Happy to return to the Krio speaking world.

3. Friends. Of course I miss my friends in Salone: my colleagues at the hospital, friends in Aberdeen, friends on the ship, flat mates, friends from international bible study, etc. There are some great people in Freetown! Sadly, two of my very good friends will not be there when I get back. I’ll definitely miss having them around. Mikey and Shona – come back to visit sometime!

4. ODCH. It’s not the easiest place to be but definitely an amazing place to work. There’s always something going on. Whether good or bad. I kind of miss the challenge of solving problems. Don’t worry, all too soon I’ll be right in the middle of it all again. What I miss the most is the smiles and giggles from the children and the friendliness of hospital staff. It’ll be great to see everyone again.

5. Beaches. I have missed the ocean. And best of all, swimming in the ocean with the mountains as a back drop. There’s nothing quite like it. Not to mention the hot sun, although, it was nice in Colorado to have a dry heat, rather than being all hot and sweaty. I’ll be returning to the peak of rainsy season, so who knows when the next beach trip will take place.

6. Transport. As crazy as it sounds, I do miss taxi’s and poda poda’s. Bizarrely, Freetown public transport actually makes sense and is really easy to use (once you get used to it). It’s pretty convenient and not expensive. Mind you, I’ve not missed hectic Freetown traffic.

7. Barracuda. I have had some excellent food while being away, but I am looking forward to fresh fish from the sea when I return. Yum!

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jeanne girl said...

Found your blog sweetie!! So good to see you. So good to hear how you miss Sierra Leone too :)

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