Friday, August 26, 2011

Denial, blame and lying...

While checking up on a few things today, I was reminded again how easy it is for people to deny issues, blame someone else, or blatantly lie about something. And unfortunately, it happens all the time using phrases like:

"I don't know anything about that."
"It wasn't me, it was..."
"Nobody told me."
"Ask so-and-so."

For instance, I notice a child that hasn't had vital signs taken since the previous morning. I ask one of the nurses why this has not been done. The response: "the early shift was supposed to do it". I react by saying that all shifts are to blame since it has been more than 24 hours since they were done. I end with: can you please do it now?

I ask someone if they have decided on where specific items should be moved to for storage while some reconstruction is taking place. They respond by saying "I know nothing about that". I remind them that I had discussed it with them two evenings ago when leaving the hospital. I end with: Can you please let me know by Monday morning?

I notice one of the pieces of lab equipment is not being used and find out someone has taken out the batteries (which are supposed to last for 5 years). I ask who did it. No one knows. And no one cares. "It wasn't me."

I stand at my gate, knocking for 10 minutes before a guard comes to open it and let me in. I tell him he shouldn't be sleeping. He says, "I wasn't." I give up as I walk past his mat and a second guard sleeping under the staircase and hurry up to my flat.

I can go on with examples, but it would only continue to frustrate me. I just don’t buy it that everyone comes to work for their salary without caring at all about what they do. I just can’t imagine that would be the case. Yet, sometimes it looks that way. Yes, there are some very dedicated and hard-working people here but there are many people who do not seem to be very active at all. Why do they even come? And this is not only a problem in the healthcare sector. It’s a problem in many sectors. Why is that? And, more importantly, how can it be changed?

How can you instill a sense of responsibility in people?
How can you convince people that it is there duty to do their job to the best of their ability?
How can you make people realize that even if someone else was supposed to do something but forgot or neglected to do so, they should do so in order to do their job the best they can?
How do you change something that is so engrained into the culture?

Unfortunately I know that there is no clear answer and that this way of thinking and behaving will take years to change. I suppose all I can do is to try to be a good influence. I can encourage people and mentor them. And hope that they see that doing your job to the best of your ability pays off. If anyone has any answers, let me know!

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