Saturday, August 25, 2007

Final results Sierra Leone elections 2007...

Aberdeen, Freetown, Sierra Leone - Saturday August 25, 2007

1,839,208 votes at 6,171 polling stations have been counted. The results are out. At 10:00 this morning the final results of the Sierra Leone elections were announced over the radio. To be honest, the announcement did not come as a surprise. For the past week people have been talking about the upcoming run-off. The only difference now is that it is official. And the campaigning can begin.

The presidential run-off between the All People’s Congress and the Sierra Leone People’s Party will be held on Saturday, September 8th, 2007.

Please continue praying for Sierra Leone- the people, the leaders, the church. Thanks!

Results for the Sierra Leone presidential elections:
APC 44.34% SLPP 38.28% PMDC 13.89%
Remaining votes: CPP 1.56% NDA 0.96% PLP 0.57% UNPP 0.39%

Results for the parliamentary elections:
APC 59 seats; SLPP 43 seats; PMDC 10 seats


Delius Amaneus said...

thanks for bringing out this summary on the elections in Sierra Leone.I know a lot of Sierra leoneans are concerned about this runoff but my question is this; Will Sierra Leone get out of the rut it has been in for the past decades?

I will look into this for my next post as I raise this and other related questions.
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Alee Calokoh said...

This current constitution was well framed, particularly with regards to the first round of the presidential elections. The unanticipated wisdom in it for Sierra Leone, in particular, and Africa in general, is that it gives the system a chance to work out the bugs discovered in the first round of the elections by allowing the electorate a second chance to do the right thing and the election authorities to fine-tune the process.This makes for a much cleaner process than otherwise would have been the case. It also potentially helps break the monopoly and monotony of a failed and corrupt regime through alliances, albeit sometimes of the strange- bedfellows variety. It may be expensive in the short run but quite worth it in the long run.

Jacob Sax Conteh said...


Thank you for spending your time in Sierra Leone to help our folks. With today's result which put the APC back in power, my hope is that the new leader Ernest Bai Koroma will listen to the will of the people to help set our country in the right path. Once that happens, many of us who have been trapped here in the United States for years will return home to help develop our country.

~ Act Justly. Love Mercy. Walk Humbly. micah 6:8 ~