Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Water shortage despite rain and full tanks...

Despite the heavy rainfall, we have been out of water for three days.
Despite the fact that all 4 water tanks on my roof (which supply most of the compound) are FULL, we were still out of water.
Definitely not logical.

There was no water in my shower and no water coming out of my tap.
Sporadically however, the toilet would flush.
Again illogical!

Surprise surprise, the water situation on our compound has been a mystery for the past 2+ years.
Numerous plumbers have tried to figure it out.
A surgeon and a communications guy have been our ‘water men’.
Our security guards check the water levels and are frequently sent back up to check that all of the valves are open.
We are faced with a challenge every time we have water problems.

So, yesterday afternoon, when the rain started coming down, and we still didn’t have any water, my friend decided she would wash her hair in the rain.
As she went out to find a spot I suggested we first try the stand pipe on our compound.
Fortunately water flowed from the tap!

So, with gallons of water in the Milla tanks above my head and liters of water falling out of the sky we ended up washing our hair…
Under the stand pipe,
While standing in the gutter!

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