Thursday, August 09, 2007

Sierra Leone elections...

The presidential and parliamentary elections in Sierra Leone are only 2 nights away! The campaigning days ended today and were relatively quiet on our side of town. It’s time for people to get ready to vote. I must admit, it was a little strange running/walking home yesterday, through busy streets with so many people, wondering how the elections would pass; not knowing what the very near future holds for this country. We are hoping for the best.

On Saturday more than two million Sierra Leoneans will go to the polls to cast their votes. The second national elections since the war ended in 2002. And the first since the United Nationals peacekeepers pulled out.

Feelings are mixed. What will happen?
Everyone seems to want peace but sometimes it only takes a spark to get the fire roaring. We can only hope for the best.

Please keep Sierra Leone – the country, the government, the people – in your prayers! Sierra Leone needs someone to bring positive change to the country and give hope to the people.

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