Saturday, August 25, 2007

Math kept simple...

Last Saturday we went to Lakka beach as a final farewell to the German pediatrician who was covering for me during my holiday. It was a little crazy going to the beach in the middle of rainy season, but actually quite nice; except for the state of the roads- they're the worst they've been in the past 2+ years! It was dry while we were out there at least.

We had a great time talking, playing crazy Uno and eating plates of chips with either fish or chicken. The waitress was very friendly and gave good service. But we had to laugh a little in the end when we saw the bill. I guess it wasn’t actually very funny, but the way the total amount was written was pretty cute.

As you can see, the total amounted to Le 100,12,000 rather than Le 112,000. I guess it is best to keep math simple.

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