Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday's news from Salone...

Today was a good day.
Clinic was unusually quiet for a Monday.
Only 37 patients.
No “crazy Monday” today.
I guess that’s mainly due to the elections.
Last year August was the 2nd to busiest month!

Since there are 3 doctors this week I decided to work on the clinic’s proposal.
Exciting I know.
Actually I didn’t mind it at all.
I’ll continue tomorrow.

Later I witnessed one of our cleaners squashing a mouse.
Not so pleasant.
Our clinic cat just had kittens, so she’s not really playing ‘cat & mouse’ right now.

At the end of the day 3 of us decided to walk home from work.
This usually takes about 1h20min.
A lot of it along Lumley beach; lovely.
Nice breeze, sand & the sound of waves crashing.
We saw blowfish, another big fish and some barnacle like things.
And of course syringes, needles & shoes were scattered here & there.

The walk between Atlantic & Lumley Roundabout was strange.
A 10 minute stretch.
Usually the street is noisy, with people walking around, taxis honking their horns.
Not today.
It was nearing 6 pm.
Literally everyone was listening to a radio.
Groups of people, singles, men, women.
Really everyone was listening.
You could tell because no one yelled out “white man”
We felt like we were the noisiest people on the earth, talking in our hushed voices.
When we got home we found out everyone was listening to a press conference held by the National Electoral Committee.
People are anxious for the results.

Dinner was great. Quiche.
It truly was delicious. Thanks Abdul!

After dinner it was time for some internet.
Surprise surprise today was my busiest blog day.
124 hits! Must be the elections.
A little more emailing and then time for tea.
And before you know it, it’s 1030.
Time for bed.

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