Sunday, August 12, 2007

Post-election day 1...

Sunday, August 12.

Freetown remained quiet overnight which means that we no longer have a curfew. So this morning I went to church with a couple of others. I love the church I go to now- it feels like home. Amazing pastor, friendly people, beautiful surroundings. It’s great.

The elections are still very much a hot topic; everyone is talking about them. Actually, church is held in a community center, which was used as one of the polling stations yesterday. When we arrived today they were just getting ready to transport the ballot boxes to the NEC (National Electoral Committee). I was surprised to see that the results were already hanging up in the church. Almost everyone that came, had a quick look at the results before finding a seat in the church. Later, while walking home, I saw many people with their radios out and could hear radio announcers reading out the results one polling station at a time.

I’m not surprised it’s such a hot topic. For the people of Sierra Leone there has been a lot of tension leading up to the elections. And most people have been waiting for years to see positive change in their country. These elections bring a little bit of uncertainty but most importantly they bring a lot of hope.

People are starting to dream of a brighter future.

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Dear Sandra,
I got your blog from one of our staff who met you when you visited Southeast Christian Church in Parker, CO. We have an adoption progrma in Sierra Leone, and a children's home in Freetown. I would like to email you directly about one of the infants in our care in Freetown. Please email me at

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