Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shopping on our street...

Sometimes I miss clothes shopping. However, it is possible to shop for clothes here too, just a bit more hectic! A few weeks ago I went to town with friends to go 'junks' shopping. A lot of second hand clothes (=junks) are sent to Sierra Leone to be sold. They come in very large sacks and are sold to an individual as a 'bundle'. That individual then opens up shop and sells the items individually. They either set up their shop in a 'junks' market (=collection of stalls each selling junks), sell on the street, or sell right in front of their house.
 It just so happens that a lady started selling 'junks' outside her house, which happens to be opposite ours. So, yesterday Suzanne and I went 'junks' shopping across the road after we got home from work. A new bundle of women's tops was purchased yesterday and the ladies were keen to see what they actually bought! Sure enough, the bundle was opened and the junks were revealed. Various tops were thrown our way for us to look at. Some were hideous, others were far too big or small, but there were also a few we liked. After selecting a few tops, we took them upstairs to our flat to try them on. How conventient! And in the end I purchased a top for 15,000 Leones (approximately USD 3.50). I can get used to this type of shopping. Now, if only they would buy a bundle of summer dresses!

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