Friday, June 08, 2012

Vehicle issues and change of plans...

Dodgy vehicles change plans. I had to change my plans once already because I was asked yesterday to attend an important meeting on the west side of town at 11 am today. No problem, the meeting has a lot of funding potential so I could definitely fit it in and rearrange my day a bit.

My plan: Go to the hospital on the east side of town at 7 am, see a cleft palate patient I arranged to meet at 9 am, collect the cheque book and audit documents from the office and then head back to the west side, attend my 11 am meeting and then head to the center of town to go to immigrations and meet with an auditor.

Plans changed. I got in the car at 7 am and at about 7:25 am our car stalled and didn't want to start again. After our driver fiddled around in the engine for a bit, the engine started. However, I didn't want to take the chance that the car would stall later on my way back from the hospital to this important meeting plus the car now actually needed to go in to the mechanic. So, at 7:35 am I was dropped off near the Cotton tree and went to look for public transport to go back to where I had just come from.

I was happy to get a taxi from Siaka Stevens street directly to Wilberforce. I wasn't so happy when we got half way up King street and the car stalled and wouldn't start again. Ugh. I got out and ended up walking the 20 minutes home. After breakfast at home I walked down to the Spur Road office.

The 11 am meeting took place at 12:30 pm. Better late than never. Thankfully it was a promising meeting! We'll see what happens. However, without the cheque book and no audit documents, I'll have to go to town early next week to sort out immigration and audit stuff. At least I got a lunch out of the deal and I've had plenty of uninterrupted time to work on various documents. Life wouldn't be as interesting if everything went the way we planned.

Tonight's plan is to find a new Korean restaurant near Aberdeen. I wonder where I'll end up...

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