Sunday, June 03, 2012

A very rainy day...

It is definitely rainy season now. I feel like the rains started early this year – early May! It’s now the beginning of June and the rains are definitely getting heavier. Today was one of the first days it’s pretty much rained non-stop. If I’m indoors, I don’t mind so much but when I am due to head out, it’s not so pleasant. Pictured above is the house across from ours - flooding of drainage gutters and rivers through compounds.

At 9:00 am this morning it was raining SO HARD that I was tempted to stay at home rather than go to church, but I had to teach Sunday school. I had no choice. The ironic thing is that if it is raining, I can’t teach anyway because we have Sunday school outside on the field. Oh well. Duty calls. I decided to call a driver to pick me up. I called this guy Mohamed who finally showed up at 10 am (the time church is supposed to start). It had taken him longer because although he started driving his taxi earlier in the morning, he had stopped driving due to the heavy rain because there were no passengers on the street. He even removed his car battery (which he does because if he parks his car with the car battery in it, the battery may get stolen!) and so it took him a bit longer to get sorted. Eventually he came and I arrived at church at 10:20 am. By this time it was only sprinkling and church had not yet started.

Fortunately I was able to start Sunday school out on the field. It then started sprinkling, so we moved to the steps in front of the church, which are covered for the most part. However, after about 30 minutes it started raining heavily and we ended up going into the church building in the back and quietly continued with a written assignment and coloring. It’s a good thing it was a small class. I don’t even think the pastor noticed that we were having Sunday school in the back of the room.

The heavy rain continued after the service and I was happy for a lift home after lunch with some friends that live in the East side of town. I’m now in my room, nice and dry, but I am heading out in a few hours so hopefully the rains will have subsided. And to think, this is just the beginning of rainy season.

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