Saturday, February 07, 2009


So, two take offs and two landings since my last blog post and here I am in Holland.
An excellent water taxi service got me from Aberdeen to Lungi within an hour.
It was a fun ride, not too rough, lovely breeze and sunshine.
Yay for Pelican Water Taxi service- definitely the best way to travel.
I arrived at the airport at 3:50pm and was checked in and up in the waiting area by 4:10pm.
Hooray for the very speedy check-in, customs, immigrations, security despite a longer wait upstairs.
I tell you - speaking Krio and working with Mercy Ships got me right through; not a bag opened.
I was impressed with progress at the airport since 10 months ago.
Check in was all done electronically, the conveyer belt for luggage was working and there was no chaos.
After a flight from Freetown to Dakar to Brussels I made it back to Europe; 30 minutes ahead of schedule.
The most strenuous part of the trip was that the train ticket office was closed in Brussels.
In the end I just got on the train and purchased a ticket from the conductor.
I had to take 3 trains, and wait 45 minutes for one of them, so it took 4 hours from Brussels to Middelburg.
But I made it.
And it was snowing when I was on the train!
I surprised my nieces which was fun and by the end of the day we were buddies.
Tonight it's time to re-pack a suitcase and then get some sleep (finally!).
Then off to Thailand tomorrow.
Pray for safe travels and an insightful time in Thailand at this medical conference.

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