Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thailand journey...

The journey was long but uneventful. I left Middelburg by train at 2pm, was checked in at the airport very quickly and then spent a couple of hours wondering around. The first flight was 10 ½ hours. Long but not too bad. I didn’t get restless thank goodness. I slept a lot actually. The last few weeks in Freetown were very tiring- with very long work days and very short nights (probably averaging 6 hours a night the last week) due to all of the packing and sorting I had to do since we are moving house. I then had a fairly long lay over in Bangkok and roamed around being amazed at how big the airport was and how modern everything looked. While sitting in the waiting area I was looking around for people that might be going to the conference, but just couldn’t tell. The second flight with Thai Airways was only 1 hour or so. And fortunately, there was a gentleman holding up a CMDA sign who helped arrange a taxi to the center. Even better was the fact that I met up with another lady who was also traveling to the conference. So we were able to share the cost of the taxi, as well as the 45 minute drive in the dark to the outskirts of the city. I was happy not to have to make that trip alone!

We arrived at 8pm. Exactly 24 hours (keeping in mind 6 hours time difference) after leaving Middelburg. So a total of 42 ½ hours of travel from Friday afternoon till Monday evening. The introduction meeting was already in progress so we just slipped in and joined them. My journey to Thailand was over and my experiences began. YAY for adding a NEW COUNTRY to my list!!!

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