Friday, February 20, 2009

Zip-line take off...

Two guides joined us for the ‘ride’, ensuring our safety and entertaining us with their jokes; making us laugh, bouncing the zip-line up and down, but never threatening our safety. One would go ahead of us to lead the way, while the other one stayed behind to ‘send us off’ and follow behind. We were always connected to either the main zip-line or to a tree when on the platform, they made sure of this. Initially I was a little nervous and afraid, but after a few zip-lines that soon changed. Mind you, if I wouldn’t have been continuously connected I would have been very scared on the platforms. But this way, I could peak over the edge and not be shaken when looking down. Ellen (working in Uganda) and I had signed up together, so it was only appropriate that we did one of the zip-lines together. That was quite funny.

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