Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stop-over in Holland...

My trip from the clinic to Holland took about 18 ½ hours. I was scheduled to fly out of Amsterdam the following evening, which meant I had a 28 hour stop in Holland. So, after getting myself settled in the house (& starting to unpack and repack my suitcase) I decided to pay a visit to my sister and family. They had just come back from vacation so we hadn’t really communicated about my arrival time. But hey, a surprise would be fun. I hopped on a bike and cycled all of 5 minutes to my sister’s house. As I rode up, I could see my nieces playing in the living room. So cute! It was Esmee (2 years) who saw me first and wasn’t quite sure what to do. Only seconds later Zoey (4 years) looked up and saw me. She looked surprised and ran out of the room. My first thought was ‘oh no, I hope I didn’t scare her!’. I hadn’t. She had gone to tell my sister that I was outside. Zoey remembered me and thought it was fun I was there. Esmee wasn’t so sure yet. But to my surprise, it didn’t take all that long for her to warm up. About an hour later, we were sitting down to drink tea and all of a sudden Esmee gets off of her chair, runs over to me, announces that she is going to give me a cuddle and then proceeds to do so. Sweet! After that it was all fun and games. Zoey remembered that last year I let her take pictures with my camera; and was of course expecting to do so again, as was Esmee! I don’t mind; gives me a chance to take pictures of them too! Later that evening Esmee asked me to help her with everything. I had to help her get into her pajamas. And I had to come and give her one final kiss in bed. Very sweet. It was great to be able to see them, although very brief. And I look forward to more time with them in a few weeks!

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