Friday, February 20, 2009

Zip-lining backwards...

There was variety in the zip-lines which made it extra fun. Some were short, others were very long. One we could do in pairs, and one especially was suitable for going backwards. I of course wanted to be daring and went backwards as well. How exciting! I didn’t even look behind me as I was approaching the platform. I just lifted my feet up when our guide yelled ‘Feet up’, as they did. And made it smoothly onto the platform. A couple of times we were lowered from one platform down to the next, which was also quite an experience!

A few of the zips required us to use a bamboo v-shaped brakes to slow our approach to the next platform and so the guide would yell out ‘Brake’ as we were approaching. Good laughs. I must say though, I was happy when we were done with the brakes as I felt I had more freedom (of releasing my grip) without the brake.

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