Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Tuesday...

Today is “Giving Tuesday”. An official day for giving.

December is just around the corner and with Christmas less than a month away the giving season has begun. For most people in the developed world, this is a season of giving and receiving. For the average person in Sierra Leone it remains a time of survival.

On Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 people all over the world are helping launch the first “Giving Tuesday” ever. The idea is simple. Individuals, families, friends, businesses, organizations, communities all join in acts of giving. Let’s join in and do the same.

Many of us live comfortable lives and have a little (or a lot) to spare. I encourage you to give today; to help those in great need. It can be a financial donation, time volunteering, a helping hand or giving of other resources.

If you want to help those with few resources and limited access to the basic necessities such as food, water, education and healthcare in the developing world, there are numerous charities and organizations out there. I happen to work for one of those organizations, called Welbodi Partnership, in a busy 200-bed Children’s hospital in downtown Freetown, Sierra Leone. One of the things we are lacking is an x-ray department. If you would like to give to this project today please do so on our x-ray appeal justgiving page.

Give more, spend better and splurge smarter. Encourage others to give today.

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